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From nail pops to cracks and holes, we can take care of your drywall repair needs.

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Most walls in Virginia homes are made of drywall. Over time the drywall tends to become damaged simply from day to day living. Doorknobs slam against the plasterboard, old or reused nail holes stretch out, mold grows, or house projects go wrong.

Drastic variations in weather and high levels of humidity in Virginia also cause framing to continuously swell and shrink which creates cracks in the walls.

Leaving these holes and cracks visible is not only an eye sore but they become larger as pressure on them continues. Gradually this creates a greater problem and costlier fix, making drywall repair an essential part of home maintenance.

Our Services

Five Star Painting Loudoun performs all types of drywall repair services to keep the interior of your home feeling fresh and your mind at ease. Our crews can fix any type of damage quickly whether you need a surface touch up, major restoration, or just a new coat on your wall.

If you have damage such as:

  • nail pops

  • settlement cracks

  • mold

  • holes

  • bubbles

  • stains

  • water damage

  • smoke damage

Five Star Painting Loudoun is committed to keeping you pleased with your interior.

Call us now or fill out the form below for a free home inspection. Upon inspection we will determine the damage as well as any underlying issues, and our drywall repair professionals can patch it up seamlessly to make your walls look like new.

Five Star Painting is the best paint contractors we have ever worked with. Through the course of three projects, time and again have they showed their commitment to client satisfaction and immaculate quality of their work. Extremely punctual, always stick to their commitment, completely hassle…

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