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Choosing paint colors made easy.

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Did you know that color can affect your mood and energy levels? Getting the look and feel that you want in a color is critical to the overall atmosphere in a room. Because painting is an investment, you want to get the colors just right so you can enjoy them for a long time.

To help our customers choose the right color scheme, we offer the services of a professional interior designer in a free 1 hour color consultation.

Color Consultation Process

Our consultation consists of two easy steps to transforming the color of your home to accomplish your vision.

  1. Our designer, Jill Perla, will come to your home to discuss the colors in your furniture and décor, as well as the colors and moods you are trying to capture in your home.
  2. Then using your tastes and colors, our designer will create a coordinated palette to use throughout the house.

In order to receive the consultation, your project must meet either one of the following qualifications:

  • The project quote total is $2,000+.
  • The project has 4+ rooms.

Whether you want to put us to work or not, this color consultation is always free and optional. Develop the story you want your home to tell with our services today.

Detailed Proposal with personal contact to discuss and address changes. Start date with owner, team, and team members present to walk site and ensure project scope. completion of project quicker than projected finish time. Quick response to review and schedule a few minor touch ups.

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