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Leesburg painting project

The recent rain has done wonders to keep the temperatures a little more mild, but it’s also brought to mind some common problems caused by so much moisture. As homes age and sun and rain beat down on the wooden paneling and trim on Northern Virginia homes, the paint can break down, leaving the wood exposed to the elements.

Paint Cracking and Wood Rot

Leesburg is full of beautiful historic homes, but if left unprotected, the wood can decay and begin to cause more serious problems. Here are some things we’ve seen in historic Leesburg lately.

painting cracking Leesburg

This is the beautiful Glenfiddich estate which is full of rich Civil War history. The paint had begun to crack and peel off the window trim and soffits. Luckily, because this was taken care of quickly, we’ve been able to scrape the old paint and apply a fresh new coat that will continue to preserve this landmark for years to come.

wood rot repair

When we saw this home, the porch paint was worn down right in front of the door. The high traffic left the wood exposed and caused cracking and decay due to moisture. There was enough damage that it required us to replace the boards. The new wood was sized to match perfectly and now the porch is as good as new!

Ferriolo front

Many of our Ashburn neighbors have wood paneling and shadow boxing like this home. A close look reveals that time has taken a toll on some of the wood. The wood is warped and wavy, and in some places, even crumbling.

Ashburn paint cracking

Paint cracking and damaged caulking have allowed water to seep into the wood, creating wood rot. The moisture causes damage from the inside out. At this stage, it’s time to replace the wood and repaint to bring the house back to new.

On a sunny day, take some time to check out the wood trim on your home and check for cracked or peeling paint, or broken caulking. If you find these symptoms, it’s time to fix these minor issues before they become more serious. Another simple test is to take your fingers and probe the wood. If it is soft and has give, or even worse, you find that you can stick your fingers into the wood and it crumbles, call a professional to replace the wood and get your home back into top shape.

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