Decor Inspiration Right In Your Backyard

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Local Decor Inspiration Claude Moore

Interior decorating can be a bit of a chore for some of us without experience or a place to start. We dream of those perfectly accented rooms in Better Homes and Garden magazine or on HGTV, saying to ourselves that one day we’ll have something like that. But then the idea gets filed away in the cabinet of “maybes” because we can’t seem to figure out where the decor inspiration for all those beautiful spaces comes from.

Well, look no further than your own backyard! We’re right in the middle of Summer here in Loudoun County and that means lots of outdoor time. From day trips to an hour at the pool, we’re all out and about experiencing the fun and sunshine. For us at Five Star Painting Loudoun the changing seasons and the outdoors drive our work with more opportunities to transform homes and businesses. Being out in nature can offer decor inspiration for you as well with color, texture, and mood themes to help influence your own design style.

See what we mean with 5 places to draw decor inspiration in Loudoun County:

1. Beaverdam Reservoir (Ashburn, VA)

This little spot is a off the beaten path on Belmont Ridge Road, but it is a gem. With water access you’re bound to get a taste of the aquatic lifestyle with paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing. At sunset it’s a great view right around the corner from home.

Loudoun County Decor Inspiration Beaverdam

These rich colors would do well in a den or office, creating a comfortable pleasant space for at home work. The rustic textures of the surrounding woods lend themselves to furniture or accent items in a living room.

2. Historic Waterford (Waterford, VA)

All the old town charm you could ever ask for, the town of Waterford is a well-preserved escape from the hustle and bustle. Walking the main (and only it seems) street in town puts you past vintage shops and art galleries with unique color combinations.

Loudoun County Decor Inspiration Waterford

Local Decor Inspiration Waterford

Go back in time with a colorful, vintage theme in a guest bedroom or family room inspired by a stroll through town. You can help but be content.

3. Loudounberry Farm & Garden (Lucketts, VA)

Just past Leesburg of Route 15 North, Loudounberry Farm & Garden is a great stop for homemade pies, flowers and fruit, and specialty foods.

Loudoun County Decor Inspiration Loudounberry

Local Decor Inspiration Farm Stand

Loudounberry’s outdoor location offers lots of neutral inspiration with wooden boxes and country displays. Added to the colorful products you’re bound to get a winning decorating combination.

4. Garden Master’s Demonstration Gardens (Leesburg, VA)

The Garden Master’s Demonstration Gardens are part of the Ida Lee Park Recreation Center grounds. With themed gardens, from herbs to wedding, you are sure to get a creative jolt for your next project.

Loudoun County Decor Inspiration Demonstration Garden

Local Decor Inspiration Garden

Local Decor Inspiration Demonstration Garden

Use the Children’s garden to get a feel for wall colors in a bedroom or pick patterns for pillows themed around your favorite flowers.

5. Claude Moore Park (Sterling, VA)

This special piece of land has been witness many years of  early United States history. From the French and Indian War to the Civil War, the area has been a key transportation and communication point. The park on Vestal’s Gap Road now serves as a museum dedicated to the farming heritage of Loudoun County.

Loudoun County Decor Inspiration Claude Moore

Local Decor Inspiration Farm

Take a page from the farming history for a rural theme in a kitchen or a living room. Add interest with framed photography and art related to the period.

As you can see there are plenty of places to get ideas without really leaving your own backyard. Which of these places inspires you the most? Send us your pictures of #LoCoinspo on Instagram and follow us for more inspiring photos of Loudoun!

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